Donation Questions

Q. Can I donate to a specific individual or team?

A. Yes, click the box marked "Donate" and you will be brought to a screen that allows you to search for individual Walkers or a Team.


Q. Is my donation counted towards the Walker's or Team's goal?

A. Yes, if you donate to a specific person or team, that donation will be reflected on their personal/team page under the "Honor Roll" section, as well as contributing to the overall goal and progress meter displayed on the home page of the event.


Q. Will my donation amount be displayed?

A. You will be given the option in the donation form to either have your donation amount listed next to your name, or keep it hidden if you wish for the amount to be private. 


Q. Do I have to have a credit card to donate?

A. No, navigate to the "Fundraising" option at the top of the page, this will display a drop-down list of pages. By clicking "Offline Donation Form" you will be directed to a page where you can download a form with the fields necessary for us to process and record your donation. This way you can donate to your friend, family member, coworker, or a team you wish to support using a check or form of payment other than a credit card. These forms can be mailed to For Pete's Sake Cancer Respite Foundation at 620 West Germantown Pike, Suite 250 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462


Any questions or concerns beyond these can be directed to Ellen Vind at