For Pete's Sake, Walk! Philly At Citizens Bank Park 2020

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Jon Sobotkin, Partner

I, (Jon Sobotkin) and BBPWM, are honored to join the Leaders for Love is Greater Than Cancer initiative because we do not know of another charity that makes a greater impact on the lives of cancer patients and their families than For Pete’s Sake. No matter the situation, a cancer diagnosis is horrific.

You can never prepare for the news when you learn that someone you love is diagnosed with cancer. I experienced this twice in my life. Almost 20 years apart, my mother, Felecia and sister, Sharon were both diagnosed with breast cancer. While 20 years apart, the emotions, challenges, and stress cancer causes does not differ.

For my mom and sister, their lives were suddenly filled with doctor visits, surgeries, tests, and treatments. If they had a good day, we as a family had a good day! Their bad days were our bad days too.

As a family, we had to accept the challenge of every day change. Changes in schedules, roles, responsibilities, emotional needs, health needs, and future plans.

For Pete’s Sake provides cancer patients and their families the priceless support they need to overcome these daily challenges and changes.

For Pete’s Sake provides cancer patients and their families endless love in time of emotional needs.

For Pete’s Sake provides cancer patients and their families a break from cancer!

For Pete’s Sake provides families with cherished memories forever!


The For Pete’s Sake mission inspires me because the impact of For Pete’s Sake goes well beyond the individual and provides relief and comfort to all members of the family. While the respites are wonderful for cancer patients and their families and many have improve their prognosis, FPS goes beyond that and offers support and additional services unique to every cancer patient and family. The stories from spouses and children about the support after the respite clearly demonstrates the love and community FPS provides that is not readily available to all who face the challenge of cancer.

We all have heard spouses and children that have lost loved ones say that one of their greatest memories was from their For Pete’s Sake Respite. Imagine that their greatest memories occurred at a time that is one of the darkest of their lives. Not many charities have that sort of lasting impact.

The Leaders for Love is Greater Than Cancer initiative has inspired us to strive to ensure that just one more family gets the chance to take a break from cancer. Having seen the immediate positive impact of For Pete’s Sake, we wish that every person/family fighting cancer has the opportunity to take a break from their every day challenges and go on a For Pete’s Sake Respite. Partnering up with For Pete’s Sake, BBPWM wants to make sure families facing cancer never walk alone.

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